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Biofertilizers for Organic Farming   Nabil Hegazi,Mohamed Fayez and Mervat Hamza

Biofertilizers for Organic Farming

324 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Organic farming and good agricultural practices (G.A.P) intrigues the concern of both consumers and producers of agricultural commodities. Principally, such practices are based on the concept of rationalizing agrochemical inputs and maximizing biological activities in the plant-soil system. Bio-preparates (Biofertilizers and Bio-pesticides) of various rhizobacteria are potential candidates supporting plant nutrition and health. Their applications are extensively experimented for prospective future marketing and practicing. The book with its 7 chapters is providing strong experimental evidences on the value add of using agro-industrial effluents (Bakers' yeast, starch, sugar and olive oil industries) and plant juices as accessible/economic substrates for biomass production and formulation of bio-preparates of rhizobacteria. The presented results of pot and field trials strongly emphasize the importance of bio-preparates as a potential practice for organic farming of field and vegetable...
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