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Advanced Biotechnology of Indus Valley New Hypothesis   Chandra Prakash Trivedi and S.P.S. Chauhan and Aseem Trivedi

Advanced Biotechnology of Indus Valley New Hypothesis

184 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Advanced Biotechnology of Indus Valley New Hypothesis explore new dimension to understand the persons and brain. The life in all its form is one, but all have different genetic identity in DNA. The genetic finger prints can identify the identity even after death in his ashes. The Scientists know very little about miraculous DNA. The gene technology may be hazardous also, it has destroyed many advanced Civilisation on the earth earlier. The advanced Biotechnology of Indus Valley explores the same. The DNA is only an instrument its charger is away from control of scientists. The metabolism is the source of life consciousness with development of the nervous system and brain. The charger of DNA code is matter of interest for all to know the mystery of subconscious mind. The death is over lord of all, and he is the controller of death, let him be in our control.
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