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The Efficiency of Rabbits Transgenesis by Sperm Mediated Gene Transfer   Mohammed Baqur Sahib Al-Shuhaib,Ali H. Al-Saady and Mahanem Mat Noor

The Efficiency of Rabbits Transgenesis by Sperm Mediated Gene Transfer

312 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The feasibility of sperm cells to act literally as gene vehicles was discussed using one of the most modern techniques in this aspect which is known as restriction enzyme mediated integration sperm mediated gene transfer (REMI-SMGT)technique. Several objectives were pursued in this book; such as to test the validity of REMI-SMGT, to evaluate the efficiency of this technique in generating mammalian species rather than the sheep that made only by one group and to observe the possibility of doing so by using rabbits as a model for this approach. Add to that, it was aimed to reduce the cost of REMI-SMGT by substituting liposomes and highly cost effective media with a high efficient, non-cost effective substitute. Moreover, it was directed to identify if any band substitution was occurred by simple seminal proteins – exogenous DNA incubation by one gel double stained non-radioactive method to identify the role of seminal proteins charge on the nature of seminal fluid inhibitory effect that...
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