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Biodegradation of Coffee pulp waste by White rotters   Parani Koolayan and M. Eyini

Biodegradation of Coffee pulp waste by White rotters

176 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Coffee pulp is one of the most abundantly available agro-industrial wastes, produced during the pulping o Thus, for every 2 tonnes coffee cherries processed, nearly one ton pulp is generated . Only the coffee bean has a real commercial value. It represents 55.4% of the fruit on dry weight basis and the rest is considered to be the byproducts or residues. At different stages from harvesting to the processing and consumption, several residues viz., coffee pulp or husk, leaves and spent-ground are generated in more than two million tonnes quantity yearly . Among these byproducts, coffee pulp is the most important. Operation of the coffee cherries to obtain coffee beans in many coffee-producing areas of the tropics.The use of raw coffee pulp has been suggested to be lower than 20% in ruminant diets due to the presence of caffeine, tannins and other polyphenols. Solid- state fermentation technique was adopted earlier for protein enrichment of coffee-pulp using different strains of...
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