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Cogulation Factor XI deficency   Mandeep Singh Azad

Cogulation Factor XI deficency

56 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
India has a vast reservoir of livestock of considerable genetic diversities. The productivity of the livestock is greatly dependent on their health status and it is indeed a challenging task to provide health care to such a gigantic population of our livestock. In order to increase the milk production from cattle a large scale cross breeding programmes with exotic germplasm has been started which has led to higher milk production along with the emergence of various diseases in our livestock, since the crossbred populations are more susceptible to various diseases in tropical climate of our country. There are various types of diseases which cause huge economic losses in dairy sector. Among them one of the important diseases is repeat breeding. Repeat breeding may occur due to number of cause such as hormonal deficiency, nutrient deficiency, microbial infection etc.
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