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Your First Steps to Molecular Biology   Mona El-Hadary

Your First Steps to Molecular Biology

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
According to the growing demand for being familiar with molecular biology, there is a great need for interested reader to know about its basic concepts and terms. The book entitled "Your First Steps to Molecular Biology" targets a wide sector of readers who look for basic knowledge in order to understand complicated points and ambiguous terms in a simple way. Items are introduced in a pattern that gives linked ideas that serve the main subject. The book starts by informing reader the importance and application of molecular biology to different life aspects. It focuses on DNA biochemical structure and properties that allow the organism to save its specie. It also demonstrates different molecular biology terms such as genetic code, code degeneracy, reading frame, Wobble position and the relation between them. The book discusses how the sequences in DNA act as the archive of life secrets. DNA instructs the cell through mRNA during transcription and translation to express different...
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