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Scarabs of Nepal and their Microbial Control   Yubak Dhoj G. C.

Scarabs of Nepal and their Microbial Control

288 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
White grubs, soil-feeding pests have become increasingly difficult in Nepalese agriculture over the years. Control measures primarily depend with the use of chemical pesticides where the use of microbial pesticides is lacking and this has aggravated the pest problem. The book depicts alternative control measures with fungal antagonist fungus based on the works conducted in Switzerland and Nepal. The fungus was identified, cultured and mass-produced into barley kernel. Dynamics study shows multispecies association of white grubs in Nepalese agriculture. Insect pathogen is widely distributed in soils; however, with low density therefore, augmentation is necessary. The product was found pathogenic both in indoor as well as in the field, being the LT50 between 2-5 weeks and more than 25% reduction of the density of white grubs'' in field respectively. This indicates the greater scope of the work in organic production as well to the researchers, industries, institutes...
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