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Study of new forms of sunflower received by distant hybridization   Miroslava Mihaylova Hristova-Cherbadzhi

Study of new forms of sunflower received by distant hybridization

332 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Distant hybridization was used as a tool for creating new hybrid genotypes and expand the genetic diversity of cultivated sunflower. For the first time a hybrid was received from H. annuus and H. nuttallii ssp. rydbergii. A new source of CMS was obtained from the perennial species H. hirsutus with a full steryization ability and absence of negative effects on the plants. FAO code is CMS HIR1. Through intergeneric hybridization between H. annuus and Carduus acanthoides, the incompatibility was overcome and both branched and non-branched advanced generations were obtained, with a high oil level of the seeds, resistant to Plasmopara helianthi, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Phomopsis helianthi, which makes them a suitable material for R lines. New forms suitable for R and B lines were received - 130 forms for R lines with high oil level of the seeds, resistance to one or more patogenes or broomrape, with a strong, branched stem and high pollen productivity during flowering and 16 forms...
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