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Biosurfactant producing Bacteria   Huma Nawaz and Muhammad Faisal

Biosurfactant producing Bacteria

200 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Oil spills are huge problem for the environment. Biosurfactant are surface active compounds produced by the microorganisms. They have potential to solubilize hydrocarbon contaminants and make them available for microbial degradation. Present investigation deals with the isolation, characterization of bacterial strains from oil contaminated soil and from oil drilling wells. These isolates were further characterized morphologically, biochemically, physiologically and genetically. Strains which showed positive drop collapse and stable emulsion formation were selected. To check their molecular identification, 16SrRNA gene sequencing analysis was carried out. These strains showed resistance to different metals, antibiotics and have antimicrobial activities against pathogenic strains. All these strains contained plasmids. These strains gave complete decolorization of redox indicator which showed their ability to degrade oil. These biosurfactant producers strains have showed appreciable oil...
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