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AmpC ?-lactamase producers among Gram Negative pathogens in Nigeria   Ibrahim Yusuf

AmpC ?-lactamase producers among Gram Negative pathogens in Nigeria

168 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The spread of resistant bacteria in hospitals all over the world, has necessitated the need to know their prevalence in Nigerian hospitals so as to formulate a policy of empirical therapy in high-risk units. Equally important is to procure information on an isolate from a patient to avoid misuse of extended spectrum cephalosporins. The routine susceptibility tests performed by clinical laboratories in Nigeria fail to detect these strains, which may lead to inappropriate and unsuccessful therapy of the patient and unnecessary misuse of the drug. This research is designed in order to find a solution to treatment failure which is often experienced in our hospitals when one of the beta lactam antibiotics is used. Secondly to search for alternative treatment using some selected plant extracts which are known to have been used by the traditional medicinal practitioners over the
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