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Isolation And Characterization of Keratin Degrading Bacteria   Chetan Sardhara,ANIL SINGH and Dipak Parmar

Isolation And Characterization of Keratin Degrading Bacteria

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Keratin-rich wastes in the form of feathers, hair, nails, and horn are highly available as byproducts of agro-industrial processing. The increased needs for energy conserving and recycling, summed with the huge increase in poultry industry, have strongly stimulated the search for alternatives for the management of recalcitrant keratinous wastes. Keratinases, enzymes produced by several bacteria, have shown potential use in biotechnological processes involving keratin hydrolysis. The aim of the current study was to isolation and screening of keratinase producing bacteria from soil samples collected from keratin rich sites such as human hair dumping sites around Rajkot and Gujarat. Keratin degrading isolates were screened and characterize biochemically and morphologically. In this study the enzyme keratinases were purify from selected isolate and characterize them for various biotechnological application. Results of this study were very fruitful and show great potential for industrial...
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