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Seed setting behaviour of rabi sorghum   Ganapati Mukri and B.D. Biradar

Seed setting behaviour of rabi sorghum

176 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present investigation was carried out to elucidate the information on genotype ? environment interaction in order to assess the stability of genotypes for productivity traits. An attempt was also made to know the amount of variability present in the component traits of yield and the amount to which it is heritable and an emphasis was also given to know the correlation between the component traits with the yield.Thirty five genotypes were evaluated in a randomized block design with two replications. Sowing was taken in six different dates with 7-8 days intervalInfluence of dates of sowing on different phenotypic characters indicated that delayed sowing reduced the expression of all traits. Flowering was early when plants are grown at 3rd date. As far as grain yield per plant is concerned 1st date sown plants yielded more compared to the remaining dates.Pooled analysis of variance revealed significant difference among the genotypes and environments for all the characters,...
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