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Analysis of Burn Wound Infections   Shruti Sridhar and S. R. Deshmukh

Analysis of Burn Wound Infections

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Burn wound Infection is the major cause of mortality in burn patients. The constant change in the resistance pattern of micro organisms make the treatment of such infections challenging and difficult. Understanding of the pathogenesis of burn wound infection is essential because the correct intervention can then be applied at the various stages. Antibiotics only act as an adjunct to the other procedures like disinfection of the wound, excision of the eschar, proper bandaging and topical applications. Also, since skin has a vast surface area, dehydration is a common occurrence and thus replenishment of fluids is also vital. Isolation of the ward and antisepsis are also very important to avoid nosocomial infections. Thus, multi-centric studies and periodic survey, coupled with the judicious use of antibiotics is the key to this problem.
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