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Ectomycorrhizae as a biofertelizer   Mona S. Zayed,Wedad E. Eweda and Sh. M. Selim

Ectomycorrhizae as a biofertelizer

192 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In a trial to isolation and identification ectomycorrhizal fungi for the first time from Egypt, 13 sporocarpes associated with different plants grown on Egyptian soils were collected. The isolates tested for ectomycorrhizal formation twice the first; using the paper sandwich technique with Bauhinia sp. and typical ectomycorrhizal roots were obtained after 7 days from inoculation within most of collected isolates and the second, with Pinus sp. to ensure their identity by the colonization characteristics on this host. A comparison between the growth patterns of seven ectomycorrhizal fungi grown in MMN liquid medium under static, magnetic and shaking conditions during have been made. Growth curve of ECM strains, their ability to utilize various carbon and nitrogen sources were tested. A pot experiment was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and infectiveness of seven ECM isolates on some seedlings.
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