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Tropical Dairy Breed: Potentials, Problems and Productivity   Simeon Olawumi

Tropical Dairy Breed: Potentials, Problems and Productivity

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tropical breeds of cattle have such unique and outstanding characteristics as hardiness, heat-tolerance and adaptability to hot environment; their low productivity notwithstanding. White Fulani cattle, one of the indigenous dairy cattle in Nigeria is unique in the sense that the breed is resistant to Trypanosomiasis, a killer disease prevalent in the humid Tropics. It is a dual-purpose breed and is tolerant to hostile weather conditions. The present data revealed that the breed recorded low calf birth weight and poor milk production due principally to its low genetic potentials and an unfavourable rearing environmental conditions. Possible intervention programmes include mating with improved exotic dairy breeds, improvement of the environment and provision of high quality feeds and supplemental diets throughout the year. These findings should be especially relevant for future research by Geneticists and Animal Breeders for the development of dairy breeds suitable for this country....
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