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Antibiogram and biochemical analysis of Escherichia coli   Mucheye Gizachew Beza,Mulugeta Kebede and Yaried Merid

Antibiogram and biochemical analysis of Escherichia coli

144 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Prevention during the twentieth first century, health personnel caring for patients with infectious diseases today must cope with extraordinary new challenges, including a never ending overflow of new information, rapid evolution of drug resistant pathogenic E. coli responsible for urinary and other diseases, and formidable time and cost constraints. In no other area of medicine is the differential diagnosis so wide and often the narrowing of the differential to a precise infection caused by a specific pathogen with established antimicrobial susceptibilities is a matter of great urgency. The authors and editors of this book are acknowledged experts in their fields whose points of view represent decades of teaching, research and medical practice and a comprehensive knowledge of the literature.
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