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Synthetic peptides: Epitope Mapping and Applications   Saravanan Paramasivam

Synthetic peptides: Epitope Mapping and Applications

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book describes basics of synthetic peptide technology and its usage in epitope mapping for disease causing viruses of human, animals and birds.It is handy for newcomers on how to analyse the genomic data of viruses and predict antigenic determinants also called as epitopes in structural proteins of viruses and how to fish out promising epitopes.The methods for using computer alogorithms like DNASTAR software and synthesizing peptides by simple methods were described lucidly.Preparation of multiple antigenic peptides,screening of peptides representing epitopes were stated very elaborately.Most importantly,the methods for producing antipeptide antibody in rabbits without using any carrier proteins which in turn will produce high titred sera was written in this book in simple language.Purification of sera by sepharose methods was also included in this book.This book is a compendium of all methods for Molecular Biology and Molecular Virology students,researchers and scientists.It is...
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