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Trichoderma   Rashmi Ratnam


64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Chemical Pesticides are used intensively to increase crop yield to meet the world food demand, but the chemical pesticides started their harmful effects such as leaching out, polluting water and soil, destroying microorganism and friendly insects, making the crops more susceptible to the attack of diseases and thus causing irreparable damage to the overall agriculture system.The challenge today is how to achieve not only the food security but also food safety by employing effective measures for biological control of plant pathogens in agriculture. In recent years, biological control has been advanced as an alternative to synthetic fungicides and considerable success in laboratory and pilot scale tests.This book is a small approach towards “Sustainable Agriculture”. It consists of the Isolation of a effective fungal bio-control agent “Trichoderma” and screening the potential as a strong biocontrol agent against pathogenic fungi fusarium spp.
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