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Exploring the Mechanism of Biological Evolution   Haidong Tan and Masaharu Seno

Exploring the Mechanism of Biological Evolution

164 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
DNA and protein evolution is the cornerstone of modern biology. In order to form a new integrated theory, the study incorporates many factors: (1) the large-scale random unequal crossover in eukaryote meiosis have fueled spliceosomal introns, which results in that introns are very common in eukaryotes but very less in prokaryotes; (2) DNA evolution proceeds through two ways: C-to-T (caused by DNA methyltransferase, which mainly existed in vertebrates) and A-to-G substitution (which increased linearly with the A/G gradient); (3) the trend of protein evolution is controlled by the simple trend of coding-DNA evolution. Cys increases in the all species during protein evolution; (4) S. thermophilus is tested to be resistant to most current antibiotics due to horizontal gene transfer; (5) DNA methyltransferase is considered to affect protein evolution, which will promote various cancers prevalence, thus an enzyme inhibitor could be a potential candidate for cancer...
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