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Genetic Diversity in Kshatriya and Chamar Population of Uttar Pradesh   Amit Kumar Singh and D. D. Dubey

Genetic Diversity in Kshatriya and Chamar Population of Uttar Pradesh

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
India is a country with rich cultural heritage showing striking diversities in terms of language, marriage practices as well as in their genetic architecture. Geneticists and anthropologists have attempted to elucidate the nature of India’s rich diversity for decades. In this book, a study was carried out on the two populations, Kshatriya and Chamars of Uttar Pradesh, India to obtain their and inter and intra population variation in the genome using mitochondrial and Y chromosome markers. Mitochondria and Y chromosome are inherited through mother and father, respectively, have been used extensively in the study of modern human origins and other phylogenetic studies. In the zygote, genetic contribution of sperm differs from that of egg in two complementary ways: it fails to contribute mitochondria – these are, therefore, maternally inherited; and in half of fertilizations it alone contributes a Y chromosome. Being haploid neither of these segments of DNA recombines at meiosis, and so...
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