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Synergism of Medicinal Plants on Aeromonas Hydrophila and Salmonella   Danjuma Lawal

Synergism of Medicinal Plants on Aeromonas Hydrophila and Salmonella

136 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The work in this book was designed to assess the potential of the extracts prepared from Dodonea viscosa leaf, Annona comosus peel and Citrus senensis peel, an indigenous species previously used in traditional medicine for treatment of Typhoid and diarrhea due Aeromonas hydrophila and to detect their active chemical constituents. The work seeks to provide information to enable the manufacturer of a product that utilizes locally grown raw materials. The success of the work will encourage alternative plants of Dodonea viscosa, Annona comosus and Citrus senensis within the primary producing sector and create an innovative product for the complementary medicine sector. The work recorded in this book will serve as a reference to staffs and students of natural sciences and individuals interested in medicinal plants. It is written for educational and information purpose only, it is not meant to be a recommendation for, nor should it be used for, self medication.
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