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Bacteriology of Urinary tract infection   Bibha Dahal

Bacteriology of Urinary tract infection

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Urinary tract infection, a serious health problem affecting million people each year,is the result of microbial invasion of tissues lining the urinary tract. Establishment and multiplication of bacteria occurs when bacteria capable of proliferating in urine gets access into the tract. Accurate diagnosis of UTI, essential to limit its associated morbidity and mortality. This study comprises the basics, concepts of UTI and focuses on effect of specimen processing delay on urine culture & multidrug resistance strains. Findings of this study elaborate an established fact that changes in practice which increases the time taken to produce a result must not compromise diagnostic performance or clinical relevance. Alongside, results of this study necessitates a reevaluation and regular monitoring of usage of antimicrobials to make reliable information available for optimal antibiotic therapy for patients with UTI. Both of these findings suggest that there is a need of due attention to prevent...
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