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Microbial enzymes in degradation of feather   Sarita Agrahari

Microbial enzymes in degradation of feather

248 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This well-organized text gives a concise account of various enzymes like protease & keratinase & aims to put the current knowledge into perspective. Proteases are a unique class of enzymes, since they have of immense physiological & commercial importance. They occur ubiquitously in animals, plants & microbes. However, microbes are a goldmine of proteases & represent the preferred source of enzymes by virtue of their rapid growth, limited space required for cultivation & ready accessibility to genetic manipulation. Microbial proteases have been extensively used in the food, dairy & detergent industries since ancient times. The development of recombinant rennin & its commercialization is an excellent example of the successful application of modern biology to biotech. This text discusses the behavior of isolated enzymes- protease & keratinase, dealing in turn with isolation, characterization & purification methods from isolated micro-organisms of soil sample of poultry waste site &...
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