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Sanitary and Microbial Qualities of Marketed Milk and Milk Products   Zelalem Yilma and Bernard Faye

Sanitary and Microbial Qualities of Marketed Milk and Milk Products

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Recognizing safety issues concerning food-borne diseases, many countries established quality standards for dairy products to protect consumer health. In Ethiopia, the smallholder milk production system accounts for 97% of the country's annual milk production. Most of the milk production and processing therefore take place at rural smallholder household level and marketing in rural areas with inaduquate required dairy infrastructure. Very little is known about production and handling conditions, and quality of products manufactured under such conditions. This book therefore provides information on hygienic practices followed by various dairy value chain actors during production and handling of milk and milk products, and their microbial and chemical properties. The information reported in this book should be of importance for further investigation in identifying species of economic and public health importance and thereby making improvement interventions. The book should therefore be...
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