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Microbial Pollutions in Rameswaram Island (East coast of India)A Study   Hari Muraleedharan

Microbial Pollutions in Rameswaram Island (East coast of India)A Study

248 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Explosion of human population in the last few decades has lead to the fast reduction of land based resources. Indiscriminate dumping of wastages in the marine environment led to dreadful changes in natural resources of the coastal zone ecosystem. Researchers have concentrated their activities on studying the microbes linked with public health.Most new infections are not caused by truly new pathogens but are microorganisms that find a new way to enter a susceptible host and are newly recognized because of recently developed, sensitive techniques.Though the importance of pathogenic bacteria especially Vibrio cholerae in tropical water has been realized.so a through investigation on the incidental occurrence and distribution of Vibrio sp. was carried from Rameswram island (Palk Bay)South East coast of India.
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