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Genetic variations of marama bean in the Namibian germplasm   Emmanuel Nepolo

Genetic variations of marama bean in the Namibian germplasm

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The world is continuously preoccupied with an impending food crisis, due to the ever expanding world population.This situation is menacing in populous regions and in the developing world,because soils have been eroded,biodiversity has been lost and rain patterns have been altered resulting either in droughts or little rainfall.This has lead to a drop in food productions. The solution to tackle food shortages is through the applications of genetics to develop new varieties of the world most important food crops, that would be both high yielding,more responsive to inputs such as fertilizers and irrigation and increase the awareness of under-utilized crops which thrive well in harsh environments to address food security.This book therefore, provides a new insight in the application of molecular markers in Agriculture, in an effort to address food insecurity, by attempting to domesticate a native wild bean that have a potential to alleviate hunger in the region. This ...
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