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Pearl millet Breeding for Grain Colour   Rajesh Kumar Arya and Ashok Kumar Yadav

Pearl millet Breeding for Grain Colour

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
After release of first commercial hybrid in 1965, India witnessed a major breakthrough in total grain production and productivity of pearl millet. A large number of hybrids with high productivity potential are now available. However, so far as the grain quality and grain colour is concerned, no headway has been made in this direction. Quality of grain is also a complex character which is determined by genotype but also influenced by the environment. Particularly the environmental conditions during grain filling period affect the grain colour and quality drastically. For breeding white/grey grain coloured hybrids three basic requirements i.e. availability of genetic sources, genetics of grain colour and identification of stable genotypes are the most important ones. Keeping the above points factors into consideration, this book was written describing the genetic mechanisms and nature and magnitude of different types of gene actions involved in the inheritance of grain colour (grey &...
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