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Notes on Actinomycetes   Sabha M. El-Sabbagh and Ahmed A. Tayel

Notes on Actinomycetes

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The need is always found for light books to simplify science and present it in easier and favorable form, especially in the fields of biology and microbiology. Actinomycetes compose a large group of Gram-positive bacteria which could be found in most natural environments. Many of their species are the producers of wide varieties of valuable secondary metabolites, anti-tumor agents, anti-helminthic and many basic antibiotics. This book will give hints on the nature of actinomycetes; their occurrence, growth and structural properties. The book will also highlight the methods of actinomycetes isolation, cultivation, observation and preservation as well as the different criteria for their description and classification. The taxonomy of actinomycetes is discussed herein along with their basic roles in biotechnology. “Notes on Actinomycetes” will provide readers; students, biologists, pharmacologists and teachers with the basic, simple and concentrated information about these interesting...
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