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Identification and Characterization of LAB and Probiotic bacteria   BIMAL KARNA and V.L. BARRAQUIO

Identification and Characterization of LAB and Probiotic bacteria

104 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the last few years, the application of LAB ( Lactic acid bacteria) and PB (Probiotic bacteria) as a starter adjunct for developing new fermented and probiotic products is growing faster due to their potential use in human health benefits, pharmaceutical preparations, nutritional improvement of feeds and foods and numerous other uses in dairy industry for future application. Nutritionally modified probiotic products are gaining popularity and continuous support in dairy developed countries and increasing more rapidly than the overall food markets. In this concern, there is an acute need to monitor the survival of LAB and PB for appropriate viable counts. The comprehensive coverage of techniques to identify and characterize LAB and PB for developing new probiotic products, makes this book useful for students, technicians, researchers and manufacturers, working in the field of dairy technology, food technology, environmental microbiology and other related fields.
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