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Role of Proto-oncogenes in Bladder Cancer in Kashmiri Population   Arshad A. Pandith

Role of Proto-oncogenes in Bladder Cancer in Kashmiri Population

268 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The valley of Kashmir is one of the divisions of Jammu and Kashmir State, situated in the Himalayas. In Kashmir valley where incidences of almost all types of organ cancers have shown a drastic increase in last couple of decades particularly GIT and lung cancers, the bladder cancer figures no less in this deadly race. As the valley of Kashmir is heavily burdened with cancers and the molecular aspects still remain unexplored to a large extent. This book is thoroughly research based to find the incidence of common cancers and first initiative to investigate the role of major oncogenes in urinary bladder cancer.The book may also be of interest to busy clinicians who want to update their knowledge of recent advances in bladder cancer biology and how these may apply to future practice. This book is designed as a primer for those who are involved with bladder cancer patients or the study of cancer. It is intended to supply sufficient background knowledge to allow the reader to seek more...
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