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An experimental study on L-Asparaginase from marine sediments   N Saleem Basha

An experimental study on L-Asparaginase from marine sediments

104 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
L-Asparaginase is an important therapeutic enzyme that has been successfully applied to the treatment of several diseases such as lymphocyte sarcoma and leukemia. Although extensive studies have been carried out on the isolation and on the anti-leukemic properties of this enzyme, very little information is available on the production of this enzyme by Marine actinomycetes and hence the study was undertaken.The present text is a concerned effort to exemplify phenomenological aspects of screening and the essential aspects of fermentation production of L-Asparaginase with the help of figures, photographs and graphs and thus provide a broadly based overview of subject to the students who offer Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at undergraduate and post graduate levels, students who have opted for degree in Biotechnology, academicians and industrial scientists.The embedded prospects and possible potentials not only acquaint readers, but also help in conceiving research problems. This book is a...
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