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Dengue Epidemic   Neelofer Shaukat and Areej Kazmi

Dengue Epidemic

152 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In dedication to all the people who lost their lives in a recent dengue epicemic. Due to the prevailing drastic dengue epidemic in many parts of the world, specially in Pakistan, this guide book has been created by Areej Kazmi with a strong support, motivation, guidance and cooperation of Prof.Dr.Neelofer Shaukat. It contain all the aspects related to understanding the basics of the disease , its causes, mode of action, epidemiology, mainly targeting the prevention, control and treatment in a very summarized pattern so that it can serve as a powerful tool in disseminating the information to all the nation. And will surely be one of the most important weapon to fight the war against dengue. Special thanks are for Prof.Dr.Shazia T.Hakim, and Dr.Shakeel Malik(in-charge of Dengue Surveillance Cell Karachi) for their cooperation in providing related information.
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