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Forensic Analysis of Blood Stained Soils   Muhammad Saqib Shahzad,Mujgan Cengiz and Salih Cengiz

Forensic Analysis of Blood Stained Soils

112 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
My research covers the area of Forensic Soil. Soil can provide an important information to criminal investigations as transfer evidence because many criminal cases take place under circumstances such that soil transfers to a criminal or victim. Thus soil can be a good source of evidence especially in murder cases when stained with blood. Blood stained soil samples can be obtained after some incident. The organic comparison of soils from different location demonstrates how different type of soil particles affect the quality and quantity of DNA. PCR results and evaluation of genotypes from the DNA extracted from blood stained soils show a great variation. Allele dropout is very obvious in such samples. On the other hand, inorganic analysis and comparison by ICP-MS show significant differences in elemental composition among soil elements of different origin.
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