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Influence of Genomic DNA transfer on Egyptian chicken's performance   Osama El-Garhy,Gaafar El-Gendi and Osama Aly

Influence of Genomic DNA transfer on Egyptian chicken's performance

212 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sperm-mediated cell transfer technique was used to improve the productive and metabolic performance of Mamourah chicken which was evaluated over two generations of transgenesis. Thus, a large experiment was designed to investigate the effect of introducing the foreign DNA purified from hepatic tissue of broiler hybrid chicken Hubbard Iza-30 (male) into the chicken embryonic cells of Mamourah local chicken on growth performance, feed efficiency and egg production over two successive generations. Obtained results showed that the averages of body weight, body weight gain as well as growth rate in chicks hatched from Mamourah pullets were significantly improved. The most improvement was shown at the first generation than the second one. Applying a level of 25 micro gram-DNA had showed better growth performance as well as feed efficiency of hatched transgenic chicks when compared to the other treatments. In conclusion, it could be recommended that using spermatozoa as a vector for...
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