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Correlation among Agronomic & Fibre Characters in Coloured Cotton   Muhammad Naveed

Correlation among Agronomic & Fibre Characters in Coloured Cotton

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The garments manufactured by using naturally coloured fibre have the potential for great market success as the colours do not fade due to repeated washings. Further, the natural colours becomes darker and more intense instead of fading. In the past, coloured cotton was spun and woven by hand for making fabrics but their utilization did not continue due to certain limitations. It has been reported that varieties of naturally coloured cotton are low in yield and have inferior fibre quality, which do not meet the minimum spinning requirements. This book / research findings may provide guidelines to the breeders for improving seed cotton yield and other quality characters in coloured cotton making selection of desirable plants. Since this information about relationship between different pairs of characters is related to the population studied here, and therefore ...
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