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Antimicrobial properties of Acorus calamus   Venil CK

Antimicrobial properties of Acorus calamus

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The indiscriminate use of antibiotics is leading us to one of the most frightening eras in recent memory, that is, the return of infectious diseases for which there is no effective treatment. Two decades following the introduction of antibiotics, the medical community began to see a disturbing trend. Bacterial infections that were once treatable no longer responded to antibiotics. Over the next decade our antibacterial arsenal will begin to fail at an ever increasing rate. Epidemiologists now warn of epidemic diseases that are not treatable by modern means. But it turns out that herbal medicines, those most ancient of human helpers, are effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria for they are much more complex than antibiotics and bacteria cannot develop resistance to them.Hence to overcome the odds posed by antibiotics and other means allopathic medicine, plant resources seems to be only solution. Every plant species has medicinal properties, many of which are yet to be...
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