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The Museums of Israel   Nitza Rosovsky, Joy Ungerleider-Mayerson

The Museums of Israel

130x180 256 страниц. 1989 год.
Harry N. Abrams
Some 120 museums are scattered throughout Israel, a country equal in size to the state of New Jersey. There is a passion for museums in Israel, a passion for preserving and interpreting the past, understandable in this old-new land. The countryside — a museum without walls — is filled with remains. Many kibbutzim and agricultural settlements have created museums for the antiquities uncovered in their fields, others for specimens of local flora and fauna. Fifty of the country's museums exhibit archaeology, forty history, either exclusively or in company with other categories. Some museums are devoted to a single topic — the history of an era, the folklore of a region, the work of a local artist. For the purposes of this book, the authors have adhered to the definition of a museum as stated by the International Council of Museums (ICOM): A permanent institution which collects, conserves, and displays, for study, education, and enjoyment, collections of objects of cultural...
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