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Bio Products from Silkworm Pupae biowaste through microbial process   Sasikala G. and Murugesan R.

Bio Products from Silkworm Pupae biowaste through microbial process

164 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Silkworm pupae (Spent silkworm) is an important biowaste obtained from silk reeling industry. Pupa is the stage in the life cycle of silkworm in which the maximum storage nutrients are available. It is a rich source of oil, protein, minerals and chitin. This nutrient rich by- product of sericulture is simply discarded as a waste and in some places, it is composted like other wastes of sericulture. This biowaste is not fully exploited for value addition. With the above view, in this book, we have separated value added products such as oil, protein and minerals through microbial processes of deproteinization and demineralization. The separated value added protein in the form of amino mass was fed to broilers and obtained increase in live weight of the birds. Henceforth, we hope that this book will stand as a base for the bioconversion and value addition of biowaste from silk reeling industry
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