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Biology and Ecology of Aspergillus flavus Group Fungi on Food Grains   Hirendra Kumar Chourasia and Prakash Kumar Sah

Biology and Ecology of Aspergillus flavus Group Fungi on Food Grains

124 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book is the compilation of research papers and review articles contributed by the eminent scientists and research workers. This book contains ten chapters: Introduction, Biology of A. flavus Group Fungi, Biosynthesis of Aflatoxin, Detection of Aflatoxin, Health Risks, Toxic Effects (Aflatoxicosis), Ecology of Aflatoxin Contamination, Control of Aflatoxin, Safety Measures, and Conclusion. This review and bibliography of the Biology and Ecology of A. flavus Group Fungi on Food Grains should be of particular value to scientists in the developing world who may not have ready access to the special journals and reports in which much of the research on aflatoxins has been documented. The authors’ original research papers are summarized in appropriate chapters but some editing has been done with the articles of other researchers to provide consistency and clear elucidation for the readers. In a publication of this nature omissions are inevitable and the authors would appreciate having...
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