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Airborne Microbial Contamination in Hospitals   Ibrahim Ali Altayyar

Airborne Microbial Contamination in Hospitals

120 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Airborne microorganisms are present in all indoor environments. Hospitals environment is full of pathogens which may influence the health of both patients and hospital staff and may cause nosocomial infections. Hospital indoor air may contain a diverse range of microbial population that includes several pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria, viruses and fungi. The significance of these microbes is that are responsible for many acute diseases, infections and allergies. Indoor air quality is very important in health care facilities to ensure the safety of patients, personnel, and visitors. Therefore, the estimation of the quantity and types of airborne microorganisms is considerably important since these values can be used as an index for the cleanliness of the environment and source of hospital acquired infections.
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