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Phytoremediation Potential of Plants in Tannery Wastewater Treatment   Tadesse Alemu,Seyoum Leta and Alemayehu Mengistu

Phytoremediation Potential of Plants in Tannery Wastewater Treatment

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In developing countries, like Ethiopia industrial wastewater has become one of the most serious problems due to the increase in discharge of untreated effluent to the environment. The high tannery industrial growth coupled with lack of technology for efficient effluent treatment methods lead to serious problem in river ecology, health and environmental resources receiving tannery effluents. The adverse effects of Cr and organic pollutants require efficient treatment before discharging into rivers. The primary treatment systems still leaves chromium levels in the treated wastewater above the legal discharge limit. Therefore, an environmentally sound treatment method is often required for efficient chromium and organic matter removal. This research work therefore, provides information for researchers and trainers in Environmental sciences, Agriculture development professionals and industrial owners and beyond who may be considering utilizing constructed wetlands for the treatment of...
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