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American Paintings  

American Paintings

135x210 96 страниц. 1947 год.
The Corcoran Gallery of Art
The publication of this handbook marks the reinstallation by The Corcoran Gallery of Art of its collection of American paintings. It is hoped that this volume, with its sketch of the development of American painting and its catalogue of the collec­ tion, arranged in chronological order for the great­er convenience of the visitor in the galleries, will stimulate interest in American art of both past and present. This has been the declared purpose of the Gallery since its founding by William Wilson Cor­coran in 1869. In order that fuller information on each picture might be given than has heretofore appeared in cat­alogues of the collection, this catalogue lists only paintings in oil. It should perhaps also be remarked that, owing to the size of the collection, all of the paintings listed cannot always be on exhibition simultaneously in the galleries. Requests to see pic­tures not on exhibition will, however, be granted whenever possible. The catalogue and the...
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