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Avian Influenza Diagnosis   Mohamed El Zowalaty and Sagar Goyal

Avian Influenza Diagnosis

128 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Avian influenza (AI) is one of the deadliest zoonotic diseases facing human and animal populations. Various diagnostic techniques are available for the detection of AIVs, although virus isolation remains the gold standard method for epidemiological and genetic studies. RT-qPCR is a useful molecular biology tool for the detection of theses viruses for its rapidity, automation, and high throughput. However one concern with such methods is that it dose not provide information on whether the virus sample is infectious or dead. This technique has the limitation of producing false negative as well as false positive results. This book, therefore, provides new insights into the isolation of avian influenza viruses from cloacal samples obtained from waterfowl captured in the United States. In addition, wild aquatic birds are usually co-infected with influenza A viruses and other paramyxoviruses, of the later, Newcastle disease virus (NDV) is the most important virus which has the potential to...
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