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Antibiotic susceptibility patterns of pathogens   Farhana Rizwan,Abora Ettela and Forhad Monjur

Antibiotic susceptibility patterns of pathogens

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Bangladesh is one of the endemic regions of typhoid. It is one of the developing countries and as such lacks many of the proper and hygienic facilities especially in the poor urban areas.It can be seen that a large population of Bangladesh is prone to infection by S. typhi. Though the ultimate solution is proper sanitary and water systems, treatment of current cases have to be done by the most effective use of the available antibiotics. Also the emergence of multi- drug resistance has caused major concern. Typhoid today is a treatable disease. With proper planning of prevention and vaccination, it may even be eradicated. But the other side also exists. If the Salmonella typhi bacteria become resistant to our current antibiotics, it could turn into a major threat.For this the knowledge of the individual drug’s efficacy against S. typhi and its growing resistance needs to be monitored periodically.
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