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Biodegradation of animal carcasses   Gagandeep Singh

Biodegradation of animal carcasses

52 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A method for treatment of organic matter and inorganic matter that has been biologically contaminated, such as animal carcasses and clinical waste, to prepare the matter of burial or other disposal is disclosed. The method involves freeze-drying the size-reduced organic matter and treating it further with fungi to perform a composting process. Composting acts as a route method for organising cataclysmic mortality losses. A study was undertaken to assess the composting process with an animal mortality. Freeze dried minced meat was treated with the substrates and the effect of inoculation with three fungus was analysed. Eighteen treatments with semi-plot scale were aerobically built and were monitored and turned periodically. Moisture content was maintained at 22%. Composting plant development and operation hugely relies on its processing and material handling. Physical and chemical parameters are very crucial markers in evaluating the process quality of the product. Evaluation of...
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