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HBV/HIV Co-Infection in HAART naive and initiated individuals   Yared Hailaye,Muluken Desalegn and Solomon Gebre-Selassie

HBV/HIV Co-Infection in HAART naive and initiated individuals

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the last two decades, introduction of treatment for HIV halted morbidity and mortality associated with it. However management of other chronic diseases especially Hepatitis B virus has been increasingly worrisome as a result of difficulty in management and interference with treatment. Though co infections were treated successfully in the past, the story is changing course due to emergence of drug resistance HBV which previously is poorly addressed. So this book explores the outcome of an original research on HIV/HBV co infections in HIV infected patients prior to and during treatment. It reveals alarming results with respect to the cost of late initiation of HIV treatment without HBV screening and possible emergence of drug resistance HBV in treatment initiated co infected patients. Thorough reviews of previous researches and a well-designed method enabled analysis of key indicators with statistical parameters. The book is useful for academicians and clinicians interested in...
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