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Multi drug Resistant Acinetobacter & antibiotic strategies   Fizza Khalid

Multi drug Resistant Acinetobacter & antibiotic strategies

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
During the last decade, A. baumannii emerged as one of the most resistant opportunistic pathogens responsible for nosocomial infections including ventilator associated pneumonia. The bug remains an important and difficult to treat pathogen whose pan-drug resistant nature has created a serious challenge. This has restricted the choice of treatment modalities. Currently, it appears as if all the available antibiotics are failing against this pathogen while single antibiotic therapy is certainly not working anymore. Thus, there is a strong need, to explore new regimens to combat this resistant organism. This study was aimed to find some effective combinations against extensively drug resistant (XDR) A. baumannii by combining various antibacterials. This book also give a review of current and past susceptibility pattern of A. baumannii and also highlighted the various therapeutic options that are searched out all over the world. This review is especially useful for the medical...
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