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Preservative Properties of Plant Extracts and oils on some Foods   Aminu Bukar

Preservative Properties of Plant Extracts and oils on some Foods

216 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Natural preservatives sourced from plants either as essential oils, herbs and spices have for long been used traditionally to preserve foods. Presently, much research is undertaken to discover the potentials of more plant extracts, essential oils, herbs and spices as alternatives to chemical preservatives. This is because consumers have this genuine perception that most of the chemical preservatives in use now pose risks to their health. The concern arose from the fact that many published works show these chemical preservatives to contain harmful substances. The fact that there are many patented natural preservatives on sale that are less or not toxic to the human body and because plants are very much available within our localities necessitates further research to discover more of these plant - based preservatives. This book highlight the preservatives properties of some plant materials as sanitizers and preservatives on some fully and minimally processed foods. The book will be a...
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