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Beta lactamase producers   Paramita Pal

Beta lactamase producers

124 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
I was curious about the intricacies of different aspects of life.Microbes play a very important role in our existence and survival. I especially developed a keen interest in Microbiology, as I was fascinated by the fact that such tiny organisms could be responsible for sending shivers down the spine of the entire human race. Resistant bacteria are emerging world wide as a threat to the favorable outcome of common infections in community and hospital settings .The use of antibiotics in animal feed to promote animal growth has also led to the development of hardier strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.?-lactamase production by several gram negative and gram positive organisms is perhaps the most important mechanism of resistance to antibiotics such as Penicillin’s and Cephalosporins.I grew curious and intrigued, while learning of the diversity of these organisms and their mechanisms to nullify the effect of antibiotics.This fascination, informed my decision, to undertake...
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