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Isolation Optimization & Characterization Of Keratinolytic Bacteria   Nudrat Baqri,Mehwish Iqtedar and Shagufta Naz

Isolation Optimization & Characterization Of Keratinolytic Bacteria

96 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A major by product of poultry industry is waste feathers. The huge increase in size of individual production facilities and the total poultry industry has resulted in enormous increases in waste, particularly feathers, to be managed. Feather waste is produced in massive amount resulting in large quantities of this byproduct of poultry industry. Feathers constitute over 90% protein, the main component being beta-keratin, a fibrous and insoluble structural protein extensively cross linked by disulfide bonds. Keratin is resistant to digestion by animals, insects and proteases leading to serious disposal problems. In the present study two feather-degrading bacterial strains S1 and D1 were isolated from poultry waste.Considering their keratinolytic nature these isolate could be a potential candidate for feather protein degradation and utilization. Instead of other non eco friendly means of feather hydrolysis, use of these keratinolytic bacteria for feather degradation is an economical,...
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